Wenyuan Zhang | 张文远

Postdoc in the Department of Biology, McGill University.

My research interests are understanding how biodiversity is changing across the planet and factors that may influence our understanding on such processes. I am now working with Professor Andrew Gonzalez and Dr Laura Pollock as a postdoc on biodiversity spatial planning in Canada.

Before that, I did my DPhil in the Department of Biology of the University of Oxford on biodiversity estimation and their implications, supervised by Professor Ben Sheldon, Professor Richard Grenyer and Professor Kevin Gaston.

I also have insterests in migration ecology and did my MSc on species distribution of migratory birds with Dr Yali Si in the Department of Earth System Science of Tsinghua University. My undergraduate study was at the University of Science and Technology Beijing.

Selected publications

  1. Divers. Distrib.
    Challenging the geographic bias in recognising large-scale patterns of diversity change [Cover]
    Wenyuan Zhang*, Richard Grenyer, Kevin J. Gaston, and Ben C. Sheldon
    Diversity and Distributions, 2023
  2. One Earth
    Prioritising global conservation of migratory birds over their migration network
    Wenyuan Zhang*, Jie Wei, and Yanjie Xu
    One Earth, 2023
  3. Curr. Biol.
    Habitat change and biased sampling influence estimation of diversity trends
    Wenyuan Zhang*, Ben C. Sheldon, Richard Grenyer, and Kevin J. Gaston
    Current Biology, 2021