Wenyuan Zhang | 张文远

DPhil candidate in Department of Zoology, University of Oxford.

I studied Ecology as an undergraduate at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. In 2018, I graduated from Department of Earth System Science in Tsinghua University with a MSc degree in Ecology, specialising in species distribution of migratory birds. My MSc research project, under the supervision of Dr Yali Si, investigated how environmental drivers influence the distribution of waterfowl in their stopover sites across different scales. After my master study, I came to Oxford on a CSC scholarship. I also hold the Jesus College Graduate Scholarship since 2020.

I am currently studying the biodiversity conservation of birds, supervised by Professor Ben Sheldon, Professor Richard Grenyer and Professor Kevin Gaston. Specifically, I am interested in how local biodiversity change could signal biodiveristy patterns at larger scales, and the extent to which human society and wildlife could benefits from it. I am also enjoying in combing the fieldwork and office working when conducting my projects.

Selected publications

  1. Curr. Biol.
    Habitat change and biased sampling influence estimation of diversity trends
    Wenyuan Zhang, Ben C. Sheldon, Richard Grenyer, and Kevin J. Gaston
    Current Biology, 2021
  2. Landsc. Ecol.
    Multiscale effects of habitat and surrounding matrices on waterbird diversity in the Yangtze River Floodplain
    Boyu Gao, Peng Gong, Wenyuan Zhang, Jun Yang, and Yali Si
    Landscape Ecology, 2021
  3. Ecol. Indic.
    Multi-scale habitat selection by two declining East Asian waterfowl species at their core spring stopover area
    Wenyuan Zhang, Xinhai Li, Le Yu, and Yali Si
    Ecological Indicators, 2018