Publications by year; * equal contribution.


  1. Field Crops Res.
    Grass modelling in data-limited areas by incorporating MODIS data products
    Xiao Huang, Gang Zhao, Conrad Zorn, Fulu Tao, Shaoqiang Ni, Wenyuan Zhang, Tongbi Tu, and Mats Höglind
    Field Crops Research, 2021
  2. Curr. Biol.
    Habitat change and biased sampling influence estimation of diversity trends
    Wenyuan Zhang, Ben C. Sheldon, Richard Grenyer, and Kevin J. Gaston
    Current Biology, 2021
  3. Landsc. Ecol.
    Multiscale effects of habitat and surrounding matrices on waterbird diversity in the Yangtze River Floodplain
    Boyu Gao, Peng Gong, Wenyuan Zhang, Jun Yang, and Yali Si
    Landscape Ecology, 2021


  1. Mov. Ecol.
    Reducing human pressure on farmland could rescue China’s declining wintering geese
    Yali Si, Jie Wei, Wenzhao Wu, Wenyuan Zhang, Lin Hou, Le Yu, and Ben Wielstra
    Movement Ecology, 2020
  2. Environ. Model. Softw.
    GDNDC: An integrated system to model water-nitrogen-crop processes for agricultural management at regional scales
    Xiao Huang, Shaoqiang Ni, Chao Wu, Conrad Zorn, Wenyuan Zhang, and Chaoqing Yu
    Environmental Modelling & Software, 2020


  1. Landsc. Ecol.
    Species-dependent effects of habitat degradation in relation to seasonal distribution of migratory waterfowl in the East Asian–Australasian Flyway
    Yanjie Xu, Yali Si, Shenglai Yin, Wenyuan Zhang, Mikhail Grishchenko, Herbert HT Prins, Peng Gong, and Willem F Boer
    Landscape Ecology, 2019


  1. Comput. Electron. Agr
    A dynamic agricultural prediction system for large-scale drought assessment on the Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer
    Xiao Huang, Chaoqing Yu, Jiarui Fang, Guorui Huang, Shaoqiang Ni, Jim Hall, Conrad Zorn, Xiaomeng Huang, and Wenyuan Zhang
    Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 2018
  2. Ecol. Evol.
    Spring migration patterns, habitat use, and stopover site protection status for two declining waterfowl species wintering in China as revealed by satellite tracking
    Yali Si, Yanjie Xu, Fei Xu, Xueyan Li, Wenyuan Zhang, Ben Wielstra, Jie Wei, Guanhua Liu, Hao Luo, John Takekawa, Sivananintha Balachandran, Tao Zhang, Willem F Boer, Herbert HT Prins, and Peng Gong
    Ecology and Evolution, 2018
  3. Ecol. Indic.
    Multi-scale habitat selection by two declining East Asian waterfowl species at their core spring stopover area
    Wenyuan Zhang, Xinhai Li, Le Yu, and Yali Si
    Ecological Indicators, 2018